Hospital waste management equipment

Hospital waste management equipment

With Bertin Medical Waste’s brand, Bertin Technologies has developed a complete range of innovative solutions for the onsite medical waste management, responding to a global issue for public health

Hospital waste management equipment

Healthcare businesses protect and save lives, but they also generate infectious waste and by-products. Bertin has designed Sterilwave®, an innovative solution for the on-site processing of biomedical waste by grinding and microwave inactivation. This on-site alternative solution marketed by Bertin reduces the risk of contamination of hospital waste compared to incineration and landfilling.

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“The advantage of Sterilwave is found in the use of microwave technology, compared to autoclave biomedical waste processing solutions, which are much more demanding in terms of installation and operating costs.”

Lorecki Bertin

Boguslaw Lorecki
Director of Hospital Waste Management activity


Sterilwave®, the solution for biomedical waste on-site treatment

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