Positive Energy

We advise organizations that wish to develop decentralized energy systems for their own use.

The “Positive energy” consultation solution is aimed at companies, industrialists, network managers and communities involved in the energy transition (TEPCV, TEPOS) who wish to develop decentralized energy production systems for themselves.


In order to support areas in strategies and choices of energy production systems that will involve them in the years to come, we offer support solution that is completely independent of any proprietary product. Evaluated as close as possible to the need, our solution is in line with the August 17, 2015 law on energy transition.

Our services

Our solution is based on the following principles :

  • The selection of opportunities for renewable energy solutions according to the energy resources available in the area,
  • Prioritizing opportunities according to the cost of energy produced,
  • The systematic search for a match between production and the need for energy, in particular by identifying the uses (industry, residential, tourism) and the future of the area (developments planned over 20 years),
  • The search for maximum appropriation of energy scenarios by citizens and their possible additions to the capital (depending on the type of financing)
  • The evaluation of local employment benefits in the different lifecycles of the production units,
  • The evaluation of the carbon component and the calculation of the gray energy for each option selected,
  • The study of financing options.


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