Technological and Innovation strategy

We assist companies in defining their R&D strategy and in setting up their organizations

We assist companies in defining their research and development strategy and in setting up organizations capable of implementing this strategy

Seizing opportunities, controlling uncertainties

We enable our customers in meeting many challenges, from seizing opportunities arising from the diversity of markets and technologies, to developing strategies for technological development and innovation while controlling uncertainties, all in a context of high competitiveness, where returns on investment are expected within a shrinking deadline

Prioritizing strategic investments

With our ability to strategically analyze and share our experience in technological strategy in sectors such as energy, aerospace and process industries, we help our clients in prioritizing their strategic investments.

We actualize these priorities into programs, managed as real technological portfolios. They create new and differentiated, highly productive solutions.

Our recommendations emphasize technological differentiation and innovation. They also integrate an operational vision of how they should be deployed

Our solution includes

  • recommendations for growth and diversification strategies with strong technological levers
  • the definition of technological and innovation strategies that are aligned with corporate strategies and differentiation or leadership objectives
  • the evaluation of external growth strategies and equity investments in technology assets

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