Cybersecurity & Cyber Intelligence

Cybersecurity & Cyber Intelligence

Faced with the major challenges of digital trust and multi-source data mining, government organizations and companies are looking for innovative software solutions. Bertin IT, a subsidiary of Bertin Technologies, provides solutions in several areas: Cyber Security, Cyber Intelligence and Speech Intelligence.

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As an expert in Cyber Security, Bertin IT offers a complete range of products for the defense in depth of sensitive information systems and critical infrastructures.
CrossinG®® is a Cross Domain Solution platform that enables the isolation of a critical network and the filtering and depollution of content exchanged with an open network. Equipped with multi-source acquisition capabilities - including dark web - and in-depth analysis, MediaCentric®,  its cyber intelligence platform enables the detection of weak signals and the anticipation of threats.

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“In the face of cyberattacks, the resilience of critical systems depends on network isolation and strict control of data exchanges. The firewall is not enough, other security mechanisms such as content analysis and datadiode are needed.”

Strategic Line Manager, Cybersecurity

Régis Fattori
Strategic Line Manager, Cybersecurity

Cyber Intelligence

Thanks to a 24/7 collection of millions of multilingual and multimedia Web/Press sources as well as advanced analytical functions, the AMI EI® platform enables the creation of a global strategic intelligence for decision support in geopolitical and strategic fields while promoting the construction of Collective Intelligence for companies.


Its software solutions meet the most demanding needs in terms of anticipation of cyber threats and major risks, open source intelligence and strategic intelligence (AMI Enterprise Intelligence).

Speech Intelligence

With its MediaSpeech® voice transcription solution, Bertin IT is present in the fields of media monitoring, banking compliance and customer intelligence. Thanks to the detection of words, key expressions and the identification of languages and speakers, it provides alerts on content linked to targets and risk elements for legal and strategic purposes.

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