Ergonomics and Human Factors Consulting and Services

Ergonomics and Human Factors Consulting and Services

For your solutions and organizations to be truly powerful, innovative and sustainable, the behavior of your users is a key factor. The French leader in consulting and ergonomics services for engineering and technology, Bertin Ergonomie supports engineering and research projects in the following fields: aeronautics, nuclear, defense, automotive, transport, tertiary and telecom.

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of the dysfunctions are linked to human and organizational factors


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ergonomic consultants, UX, cognitive engineers, designers, architects, etc.

Ergonomics of computerized applications and digital transformation

We offer you 40 years of experience in digital transformation projects for trades and organizations in the most demanding of sectors. Our contributors integrate with the innovation departments of manufacturers or with the ISDs of large groups. They also act as consultants for IT general contractors. Our solutions are tools to improve the skills of users, to improve the performance of IT solutions and to effectively support change management processes.

Managing risks related to the human factor

Afin d’améliorer la fiabilité des organisations, il est nécessaire d’anticiper et maîtriser les risques liés au
facteur humain et à l’organisation des installations. Nous vous aidons à les identifier et à définir un Plan d’Intégration Facteurs Humains. Nous pouvons aussi améliorer votre Retour d’EXpérience (REX) et rédiger des Rapports de Sûreté sous l’angle des facteurs organisationnels et humains.

Spatial planning and strategy

In industry and the service sector, the effectiveness of business activities
 begins with the creation of efficient workspaces for users and organizations. We help you optimize the integration of your information systems, enhance each space and improve working conditions.

Our solutions allow us to provide finalized consultation files for the construction of new spaces and the redevelopment of existing spaces. We also conduct feasibility studies for the acquisition of new buildings.


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