Information Technologies

Information Technologies

Confronted with major issues in digital trust and data mining from multiple sources, state and civil organizations are looking for innovative software solutions. Bertin IT, a Bertin Technologies subsidiary, provides solutions in several areas: cybersecurity, digital intelligence and automatic speech processing.

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Proven for high defense requirements, Bertin IT's solutions protect sensitive information systems and critical infrastructures.
Based on CC-EAL 5+ certified government technology, CrossinG® is a data gateway for securing interconnections between systems or networks of different levels of sensitivity.
MediaCentric® is a cyber intelligence platform with multi-source gathering capabilities - including dark web - and in-depth analysis to detect weak signals and anticipate threats

Expert words

“In the face of ever more widespread and sophisticated attacks, cyber security relies on having several lines of defense. When it cannot prevent a threat from materializing, it has to be able to isolate it and then neutralize it”

David Boucher

David Boucher
VP Product Security Solutions, Bertin IT, Montigny-le-Bretonneux, France

Digital Intelligence

Bertin IT is specialized in the advanced processing of multi-source (web, tv, radio) and multi-format information (text, image, audio, video) for digital intelligence purposes.

Its software solutions meet the most demanding requirements for anticipating cyber threats and major risks, open source intelligence and strategic intelligence (AMI Enterprise Intelligence).

Speech Processing

Through its brand Vecsys, Bertin IT designs and provides software solutions and services for unlocking value from multilingual audio & video sources.

Its flagship Speech-to-Text solution MediaSpeech® is used for media-monitoring, compliance and speech analytics purposes by on-line press groups, banks, contact centers and institutions in France and abroad. 

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