HADES Optimization Platform

HADES is a platform developed by Bertin Technologies for multidisciplinary optimization of system design. It gathers data modeling, technical and economic models, and mechanisms' optimization into a user-friendly integrated environment, supporting traceability.

Representing et simulating complex systems

How to make the right choice, balance requirements levels and guarantee the best trade-off when faced with  components and systems’ complexity, the patchwork of technical and project specifications, and their interactions ?

The platform is used to display a complex system as a structure of sub-systems and parameters (data model), to simulate by combining various models the influence of each parameter and its interactions with the rest of the system (behavioural model) and to deduce the value of technico-economic indexes (performance/cost model). Defining system variables, constraints on parameters and objectives then gives access to a range of optimisation algorithms which in turn may be combined in order to find optimal innovative configurations or to select between several high-potential solutions the most robust to uncertainties (related to design, environment, manufacturing, etc.).


Illustration: Behavioural and performance models of a space launch system

Dedicate the power of algorithms to your industrial needs

Controlling costs and schedule is leveraging possible architectures’ study and reducing uncertainties as early as advanced design phase.

To meet its clients’ challenges for its own systems, Bertin developed a methodology integrating  client’s and Bertin’s resources and based on an appropriate software platform.

Optimisation algorithms figure out the optimal architecture among the numerous possibilities (cover and choice depending on selected parameters).  The optimal architecture is validated by  technical and projects experts. Extended modeling allows to remove any remaining uncertainty. The platform allows to track choices made in case of requirement’s change.


Illustration : Optimized design loop of a system

Plug your objectives, constraints and models in... the shortest route to optimum !

HADES- Evolution is the appropriate platform to everyone’s applications and objectives. The client benefits from a platform interfacing with its own models and business tools, and specific developments, made of:


  • Physical models: experimental, analytical, numerical (from 0/1D to 3D)
  • Economic  models (CAPEX & OPEX)
  • Linking, multi-X (disciplines, scales) interoperating
  • Post-processing, data analysis.

Entering a new market, a technological differentiation or an economic performance: Bertin assists you with a proven methodology, suitable and transferable to your teams, for a system or a sub-system.


Illustration : Performance versus Cost on experimented configurations and retained design

Example of system optimization work carried out thanks to HADES platform

Innovative space launch system designed with  HADES MDO platform

The optimization strategy within HADES multidisciplinary and multi-objectives platform is built upon over 10 years of Bertin’s work on optimal design of space launch systems. Its recent implementation for designing ROXANE micro-launch vehicle (MLV) made Bertin drastically reduce feasibility studies’ duration while exploring a wide range of architectures. This new design process can be trasnferred to other areas such as automotive, aeronautics, etc.

Référence : Cédric Dupont, Andrea Tromba, Sophie Missonnier, Multidisciplinary System Optimization on the Design of Cost Effective Space Launch Vehicle, 12th World Congress on Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimisation, 5-9 June 2017, Braunschweig, Germany


Illustration ROXANE launcher designed with HADES V15.0: 4 architectures and optimal concepts corresponding to the 3 missions (left), artist view of selected concept (right)

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