LAB-METOC: a Decision Support Platform

Many civilian and military activities are sensitive to the environmental, geographical, meteorological, or oceanographic conditions in which they operate. These environmental conditions can have a significant impact, threatening the desired result or increasing risks to people, materials, and property at the location.

Bertin Technologies offers an open-source, modular software platform to assess the impact of environmental conditions in order to anticipate and more effectively control the risks inherent to these activities.

The platform includes both physical and behavioral models that can calculate characteristic variables for use in diagnosing impacts and risks.

The platform’s agility allows it to interface with an existing IT system, integrate commercial or client-specific models, and develop new models.


Decision Support Platform concept


The target applications are decision support for conducting critical activities, risk assessment, and crisis management.

LAB – Aircraft landing

Assessing the risk when landing a helicopter on a vessel in the North Sea

Evolution over 48 hours, in 3-hour segments

LAB – Dispersion & danger zone

Gas dispersion on an industrial site – CPS model

3D computation of changes in the concentration of toxic plumes depending on weather conditions, terrain, and buildings.


LAB - Trafficability

Winter risk:

Impact of the weather on trafficability in mountainous régions.


LAB – Maintenance

Assessment of the risks involved in offshore wind farm maintenance

Evolution over 48 hours, in 3-hour segments


LAB – Heat wave

Assessment of the thermal stress (perceived temperature) for personnel on the ground during periods of extreme heat

Evolution over 48 hours, in 3-hour segments


LAB - Acoustic

Acoustic propagation and sound pollution

Computation of the sound map generated by a helicopter flying at low altitude


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