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Controlling phenomena related to fluid dynamics, combustion, and thermal physics via modeling is crucial to improve performance.

Our digital models are used to innovate and seek operational, cost saving solutions; compare concepts; guide design; determine appropriate dimensions; optimize components, subsystems, and complete systems; understand and quantify situations with heterogeneities and instabilities; diagnose high-risk situations and conduct impact analysis; and study incidents or malfunctions.

Multi-physics modeling: a strategic contribution across the entire value chain

Understanding and controlling phenomena related to fluid dynamics, combustion, and thermal physics via modeling is of crucial importance to improve the performance of many manufacturing processes and systems.


Illustration of gas and condensate transportation: supersonic effects

Recognized expertise in multi-physics modeling

For more than 30 years, Bertin Technologies has been on the cutting edge of digital simulation and modeling, working with clients in aerospace, defense, nuclear, oil and gas, and process industries.

Through this sector-spanning work, we have acquired strong, recognized expertise in multi-scale (temporal and spatial), multi-physics, and multi-business modeling across applications that cover a broad range of phenomena, scales, and operating conditions:

  • From cryocooling at 20 Kelvins to plasmas at tens of thousands of Kelvins
  • From natural low-speed convection to the hypersonic Mach 30 of atmospheric reentry
  • From high vacuum (10^-5 Pa) to pressures of several hundred of bars
  • From the external aerodynamics of wind turbines to the complexity of nuclear reactor vessels
  • From detailed studies of micro-valves to dynamic models of complete industrial facilities.


Illustration of high-power diesel: injection and piston

Modeling across the entire value chain

We use our digital models at every stage of a project/product life cycle, to:

  • Innovate and seek operational,  cost saving solutions
  • Compare concepts, guide design, and determine appropriate dimensions
  • Optimize components, subsystems, and complete systems
  • Aid in understanding and quantifying situations with heterogeneities and instabilities
  • Diagnose high-risk situations and conduct impact analysis
  • Study incidents or malfunctions.


Illustration of biogas: energy production and storage

Flexible, proven methodologies and tools

We work closely with our clients to identify their needs and select the appropriate digital tools and methodologies.

These tools may include:

  • Our clients’ own tools (such as Cathare, ThYC, Astec, elsA, CEDRE, NEPTUNE_CFD)
  • Bertin Technologies solutions (such as CPS_C, Lab-Metoc, Hades)
  • Open source tools (such as Scilab, Paraview, OpenFOAM, SALOME, Code_Saturne, Syrthes)
  • Commercial tools (such as STAR-CCM+, Fluent, DYMOLA, ANSYS)
  • As well as custom developments or combinations.


Illustration of nuclear assembly: thermohydraulics

Our teams can handle every aspect of our clients’ needs

By forming multidisciplinary teams, we handle every component of our models: the relevant physics, digital aspects, and/or scientific computing components. We are able to offer the best possible technical and organizational solutions to our clients’ modeling problems. We work on client sites or at our own premises. Our processing power is substantial, with a cluster of more than 300 cores.

We are also experienced in collaborating with external experts through a network of partners, which allows us to form expanded teams in the case of topics that require even greater expertise.


Illustration of helicopter drone and bio-collector: interaction optimization

Committed to technological and digital innovation

In the field of MSO (Modeling, Simulation and Optimization), Bertin Technologies has developed strong partnerships in France and across Europe with university research centers, engineering schools, innovation clusters run by its clients, and competitiveness clusters. These partnerships enable us to be involved with many high-tech projects.

Among other partnerships, Bertin Technologies is a member of the OCDS (systems design and dimensioning tools) steering committee for the Systematic cluster, Scilab Entreprise’s International Partnership Committee, and the ATD3 (AeroThermoDynamics Design for Demise) task force under ESA and CNES.


Illustration of electron beam welding

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