Software engineering consulting

Our software engineering services help you design, develop and optimise modelling tools tailored to your business, usage habits and performance needs.

Software engineering: agile expertise

We help clients improve performances for their business and scientific software and processes.

Our team designs, develops, customises and maintains software, drawing on our proven expertise in coding (algorithms and calculation) and applications (interfaces, web) in IT, physical and user environments.

A wide range of software engineering solutions

Our services cover two major areas:

  • Scientific software development to create new functionalities and features in your tools. We intervene throughout the software development process (specifications, design, development, approval, deployment and roll-out).
  • Third-Party Application Maintenance, the aim of which is to maintain, optimise and adapt your software via a service contract (corrective, adaptive, evolutive, preventative maintenance, user support, training, etc.)

Global or targeted solutions tailored to our clients’ needs:

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Our scientific computing teams cover a variety of different areas:

  • Targeted business tool developments
  • Creating web/user interfaces for your scientific codes
  • Integrating and approving your calculation solutions
  • Optimisation and reverse-engineering scientific code
  • Data reconstruction, analysis and statistical processing, algorithms
  • Corrective, adaptive, evolutive maintenance for software platforms
  • Maintaining calculation codes in functional condition
  • Managing configuration, managing incidents, user support, hotline service
  • Training users

The working methods

We work closely with our clients to identify their needs and select the appropriate digital tools and working methods

These tools vary depending on each client’s needs and may include:

  • our clients’ own tools (such as CATHARE, THYC, Astec, elsA, Code_Saturne, NEPTUNE_CFD)
  • Bertin Technologies’ solutions (such as CPS_C, Lab-Metoc, etc.)

The main technology we use includes:

  • platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux (all distributions)
  • language: Java, C/C++, C#, Python, QT, R, Fortran
  • GIS: QGIS, LUCIAD, GDAL, OpenLayers, GeoServer, Map Server, Nasa World Wind
  • DBMS: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server
  • Web: JavaScript, JavaSwing, NetBeans, PHP, HTML5

They’ve chosen to work with us:

Our teams

 Our teams include computer scientists, physicists and mathematicians scattered across our clients’ offices and in our development centre, working tirelessly to bring you the very best digital solutions and physical modelling.

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