Optimization of systems, Modelling and Software

Optimization of systems, Modelling and Software

How do we innovate while guaranteeing solution efficiency and robustness? How do we optimize the performance of complex components and systems and quantify risks in order to better control them? Our teams bring you solutions in system optimization, thermal and fluid dynamics, software engineering and data analysis: these are key factors in accelerating the creation of value.


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System optimization and data analysis

Optimizing the costs of innovation to maintain systems requires the analysis and mastery of technical and economic data. Studies, proofs of concept, optimum architecture and dedicated tools accelerate design and market access. To meet your challenges, we offer you our expertise in system modelling and multidisciplinary optimization.

Expert words

"Choosing an optimized and controlled system requires comparing many technical-economic variants.

We combine our skills in physics, mathematics and computer science with our customer's business expertise to identify the best architecture in planning and budget.”

Sophie Missonier Bertin

Sophie Missonnier
Project manager modelling, simulation and optimization

Modelling and simulation

Launching complex products or processes at reduced costs and under shorter deadlines has become a major priority. Modelling physical phenomena and simulating the impacts of systems are ways to optimize and reduce uncertainties.

Our experts help you solve your fluid, thermal, combustion, multi-phase, and physical dynamic problems.

Our solution

Software engineering

In order to design complex systems while reducing uncertainties and development costs, our customers need efficient, adaptable and scalable business tools. To meet this growing demand, our teams, who mainly based on our customers' sites, ensure the development of software from design to maintenance and even by upgrading existing tools.

This combination of skills in physics and computer science is very much appreciated by our customers. We also offer Third Party Application Maintenance or user support for our customers' in-house code.

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