Systems and Instrumentation

Systems and Instrumentation

Our Systems & Instrumentation department can offer unique expertise in the development of leading-edge technology systems. Our teams develop unique systems to respond to the complex industrial challenges facing our customers. We design and market innovative product lines for demanding applications: R&D, defense, security, nuclear, health. Our maintenance teams provide assistance over the entire life cycle of our products.

Key figures


of business goes to the export market

60 000

instruments in use around the world


employees in 6 countries

Technologies on demand

We develop unique, complex solutions in response to the specific needs of our customers: industrial conglomerates, public sector, start-ups and SMEs.
With their expertise in leading-edge technology and their ability to operate in project mode, our engineers accelerate innovation in markets with high added value: nuclear, space, major scientific equipment, defense, life sciences.

Instrumentation products

Bertin offers innovative instruments combining performance and intuitiveness, dedicated to sampling, detection and measurement: laboratory equipment for life sciences, solutions and services dedicated to radiation protection and to the monitoring of ionizing radiation.
Bertin also develops proprietary systems for the detection of all types of CBRN threats, optronic equipment for defense and security.

Our solutions

Alphaguard, moniteur professionnel de gaz Radon

Alphaguard®, Your radon lab everywhere

FusionSight, monoculaire de vision nocturne intelligent

FusionSight®, unique ocular with colorised smart fusion

InCellis, microscope numérique pour la culture cellulaire

Incellis®, Smart Cell Inmaging System

Assay kits and biological reagents



Expert words

« Through our collaborations and long-tracking scientific records, we are the hyphen between your query and the solution ».

Patrick Vitaux

Patrick Vitaux
Head of Bioreagent Dpt – Bertin Pharma

Hospital waste management equipment

Healthcare businesses protect and save lives, but they also generate infectious waste and by-products. Bertin has designed Sterilwave®, an innovative solution for the on-site processing of biomedical waste by grinding and microwave inactivation. This on-site alternative solution marketed by Bertin reduces the risk of contamination of hospital waste compared to incineration and landfilling.

Expert words

“The advantage of Sterilwave is found in the use of microwave technology, compared to autoclave biomedical waste processing solutions, which are much more demanding in terms of installation and operating costs.”

Lorecki Bertin

Boguslaw Lorecki
Director of Hospital Waste Management activity

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