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The search for clean, renewable and sustainable sources of energy, the investigation of basic knowledge of matter to improve medical treatments as well as the pursuit of a better control of nuclear weapons represent major scientific challenges about which the international scientific community is deeply passionate. That is why for many years, it has been carrying on ground-breaking researches on pioneering experiments, covering increasingly ambitious objectives.

Bertin is also present in the Astronomy market, thanks to its Winlight subsidiary which has a significant experience in instrumentation dedicated to large telescopes, such as upon request optical components as well as comprehensive instruments (image slicers, spectrographs, lenses, optical derotator, collimators, etc.)

Therefore, since its creation, Bertin has consistently been pursuing research to serve the development of Science, by contributing to major scientific programs such as ITER or Megajoule Laser (LMJ) on behalf of leading French and international organizations.

Ambitious instrumentation systems

Bertin designs instrumentation systems for large-scale experiments such as ITER and Megajoule Laser (LMJ). Those prestigious programs create ambitious, state-of-the-art and highly innovative solutions, for which Bertin develops optical, opto-mechanical and electronic instruments, are fully developed up to the assembly, integration, testing and validation phases.


Further to the acquisition of Winlight, Bertin teams has gained extended expertise, now based on the mastery of thorough knowledge in the following areas:

  • High stability opto-mechanical aiming instrumentation 
  • High precision mechanical instrumentation 
  • Instrumentation for optical quality tests
  • Fiber optic technology for specific environments
  • Electronic and opto-electronic instruments 
  • Control center
  • High-performance optical systems and components (lenses, prisms, high-precision mirrors, aspherical mirrors, X mirrors)
  • Spectroscopy and imaging systems (image slicers, spectrographs, collimators)
  • Experimental instrumentation (X icroscope)

Bertin brings his expertise to the diagnostic team of the ITER organization.

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Mechanical and optical high precision skills from Bertin at the service of the Laser Mégajoule program.

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