Defense and security

As a key partner for major defense and security contractors in  France and abroad, we develop customized systems and technological solutions.We support our customers throughout the life cycle of their projects, from specifications, to prototyping or system industrialization.


  • A flexible approach to accelerate innovation and competitiveness

With their expertise in leading-edge technology and their ability to operate in project mode, our expert engineers accelerate innovation at the service of our customers. This flexible approach to system engineering allows us to offer unique and efficient solutions to meet all critical needs in short timeframes. Our prestigious references include State, public and leading industrial organizations.


  • A multidisciplinary “system” approach

We put our innovation capacity at the service of Defense (land, air and marine) and security by developing systems dedicated to daytime as well as nighttime surveillance and reconnaissance (optronics), of the detection of CBRN threats (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) by implementing complex processes (safety of operation, command control, mechanical know-how and critical handling means).

The French and foreign armies, the DGA, CEA, DCNS, EADS, NEXTER, SAFRAN, THALES and many other customers recognize Bertin's expertise and excellence and draw on its expertise.


  • Complete optronic systems for monitoring and securing sensitive sites, individuals and property

For several years we have been supplying and developing optronic solutions that meet our customers' demands in partnership with the big manufacturers of leading components in the military market. The technological units developed by our engineers are based on a set of optical sensors (visible and infrared) associated with intelligent data processing, which makes it possible to quickly Detect, Recognize And Identify (DRI) targets or threats for the security and surveillance of critical areas day and night.

Optronic system for the remote sensing of chemical gases in vehicles.

Detection of CBRN threat

Initially focusing on the detection of micro-organisms or toxins for the biodefense and microbiological safety of environments, we have developed solutions for the collection, detection and identification of biological agents based on efficient collection and analysis technologies. These solutions led to the development of a complete and operational biological detection system and a range of ready-to-use genetic kits for the armed forces that are based on reagent freeze-drying.

In the field of chemical threat control, we continue to improve our patented remote sensing and real-time visualization of gas clouds (toxic and non-toxic) to quickly trigger alerts and take appropriate measures. This technology, which is unique in the world, now finds applications in the defense and security markets and also meets the needs of the oil and gas industry.

We recently strengthened our portfolio around the detection of CBRN threats, through the acquisition of Saphymo in 2015, a specialist in ionizing radiation detection and control systems. Its comprehensive environmental monitoring systems, fixed or mobile measuring networks, are rapidly deployable to monitor real-time artificial or natural radioactivity in various environments (air, water and soil). Its solutions are adaptable to each need, which allows the implementation of a crisis management in incidental or accidental situations.

Visualization and localization of a gas cloud with the SecondSight® interface


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