Electronuclear systems

We have a proven track record of 40 years supplying expertise, equipment and services throughout the nuclear production cycle (from upstream to downstream).

We rely on our unique expertise in thermohydraulics, thermodynamics, mechanical design and operation safety to provide cooling, filtration or fluid and gas separation equipment for reactor buildings in nuclear power plants.

We also designs and develops radioactivity measurement chains dedicated to reactor buildings in nuclear power plants, thanks to its mastery of nuclear physics, as well as the measurement and detection of ionizing radiation.

Reactor pool filters (IRWST): key components of nuclear safety

To ensure the safety of a nuclear reactor, the cooling of the fuel must be controlled both during the operation of the reactor and after its normal or accidental shutdown.

In the event of an accident in the primary circuit (LOCA accident), the reactor pool supplies water to the emergency systems which then cool the reactor core. The filters immersed in this pool allow the emergency circuit to fulfill its mission by retaining all the debris and ensuring a very fine filtration in order to avoid the clogging of the sprinklers and the support racks of fuel rods.

The level of safety required by the French nuclear safety authority (ASN) requires highly qualified filters; this is done on small scale modules in test loops to validate the pressure drop, the chemical effects of debris that is submerged in high temperature water over a very long period of time, but also by modeling in order to demonstrated and prove their reliability.

Bertin manages a complete range of solutions, form this analysis of debris in case of accidents, their filtration on appropriate media, seismic design studies, hydraulic calculations, mechanical design in accordance with the RCC-M, to the qualification and the manufacture of sump filters for PWR (Pressurized Water Reactor) plants.  Bertin works with trusted partners such as IRSN and CERG for validations on test loops.

Our design of innovative, robust and easy to install filters are patented for France, the United States and China. In partnership with a major industrialist in the sector, Bertin also offers the installation and retrofit of these filters.

Numerous nuclear power stations have chosen Bertin’s filters for their sumps or IRWST:

  • Design, qualification and assembly of 24 sumps for 1300 and 1450 MW plants (RIS and EAS)
  • Design and manufacture of IRWST filter equipment for the EPR reactor in Finland (OLKILUOTO 3).
  • Design and manufacture of filters for Fuqing 1*2 and Fangjiashan 1*2 nuclear plants in China
  • Study and qualification (Hualong plant)


They trusted us

  • EDF
  • CNNC / CNPE (China Nuclear Power Engineering)

Separation of fluids and gases, cooling, reheating of liquids or gases

60 years expert, we handle a complete range of solutions in the study of industrial processes and the production of energy. Its engineers’ expertise in thermal and mechanical engineering allows them to design customized exchangers and to overcome all deformation stresses and high temperature contrasts. This expertise applies to the chemical industry and to energy producers (nuclear, electric, coal, or fuel).

We offer turnkey solutions, ranging from design studies, thermal simulations & software development, hydraulic calculations, mechanical design according to RCC-M, qualification and manufacture of exchangers.

Our production of exchangers

Nuclear application

We have developed and designed a degassing system for the treatment of hydrogenated liquid radioactive effluents from the nuclear test reactor RES by performing a low temperature vacuum deaerating. The required temperature of the liquid effluents is reached using a specific heat exchanger with a double barrier guaranteeing the heat exchange associated with a very high level of safety.

Aeronautical application

Its aim was to cool the exhaust gases of an aircraft reactor test bench in order to allow the flow’ homogenization, a minimized loss of refrigerant, an ease of replacing tubes bringing a high lifetime/maintenance ratio. This allows air to be treated with temperatures between -40°C and 1600°C for an output temperature around 40°C.

They trusted us

  • EDF
  • CEA

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