Our CSR commitments

Quality, safety, the environment and citizenship: find out more about the CSR commitments of Bertin Technologies in the CNIM Group.

Our CSR commitments

CNIM provides a response to the twin challenges of driving energy efficiencies for its clients and reducing the environmental impact of its activities – at the Group’s own sites, as well as those of its customers.

CNIM has established a proactive CSR approach and is committed to building balanced, long-lasting relationships with all of its partners as it develops the Group’s business activities.

Nicolas Dmitrieff, Chairman of the Board of Directors


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Ethics and Integrity

CNIM, Bertin Technologies' mother compagny , has set up a Group Charter of Ethics which sets out all the values that employees need to respect during the course of their work. It is supplemented by a number of commitments respecting fundamental rights in the workplace, the Purchasing policy and the whistle blowing procedure by the Group employees and its stakeholders in case of any breaches of these charters.

Bertin technologies has also signed an annual statement respecting "Modern slavery act transparency"

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