Innovation through research and development

We work on both research and development projects for our customers and on projects to develop our own product lines. Our goal is to develop our skills and technologies to better serve our key markets.

College of Experts

Bertin Technologies has created a College of Experts, made up of around twenty employees who are experts in their field. Its primary purpose is to master the complexity of internal and customer projects and to promote the technical excellence of the company. The College is the vehicle of Bertin's increased recognition among scientific and industrial communities. The College also has the mission of identifying, developing and developing in-house scientific and technical skills.

Bertin’s College supports the 8 R&D programs currently active within Bertin.

In addition to thematic projects, our experts provide their assistance to cross-functional projects such as sensor networks for site and territorial monitoring and system engineering and digital transformation for the design of innovative products.

Academic and industrial partnerships

Whether it is for internal or collaborative projects, we rely on academic and industrial partnerships of the highest order, whether through theses, collaborative projects, subcontracting or joint laboratories.
We regularly welcome young PhD students and co-supervise their theses with their research directors.

Bertin Technologies is a member of these groups in the case of these following  collaborative projects:

  • ALTAIR (Air Launch space Transportation using an Automated aircraft and an Innovative
    Rocket), with the support of H2020-Space
  • IKKY (Intégration du KoCKpit et de ses sYtèmes), with the support of PIA
  • ULISS (Universal Large Interactive Secured Screen), with the support of DGA
  • NANTISTA (Neuromorphic Architecture for Nuclear Threat Identification for SecuriTy Applications), with the support of l'ANR
  • IMAGAZ (Optical system for atmosphere analysing and motoring), with the support of FUI
  • DIGIDIAG (Microfluidic system development for des clinical implementations), soutenu par le PIA
  • CYTOWATER (Integrated and portable image cytometer for rapid
    response to Legionella and Escherichia coli in industrial and environmental waters), with the support of UE - H2020

Bertin Technologies is a member of the ASRC (“Association des Structures de Recherche Contractuelle”, the Associations for Research Structures under Contract) and labelled as a “Research Structure under Contract” itself by BPI France. As such, Bertin Technologies takes charge of its customers’ technological developments, such as for investment funds, start-ups, SMEs, ETIs and Large Enterprises.

Business clusters

Due to our multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary focus, we operate in around ten international business clusters, including:

  • Systematic: this global cluster connects software, digital and industry players around the technologies of the future. Bertin is a member of its board of directors.
  • Optitech: photonics and imaging
  • Capenergies: energy transition for
  • Brittany Atlantic sea cluster
  • Safe cluster: security and aerospace

Bertin is actively involved in the clusters’ governance and in the project evaluation and selection committees.

Joint laboratories

We set up research contracts with French or European organizations to support our product policy. These contracts allow us to benefit from R&D services.

  • CEA Leti: a pioneer in the fields of micro and nano-technologies, the Leti is an institute for technological research belonging to CEA Tech. With the CEA Leti, we have created a joint research laboratory on micro-organism collection systems.
  • CEA List: this institute focuses its research on intelligent digital systems. We have created a joint laboratory on measurements and sensors in radiology.

ONERA: Bertin Technologies and ONERA, the French aerospace research center, signed a research and industry partnership agreement. This three-year contract involves the creation of a joint laboratory called CUBIX (for “Charges Utiles à Base d’Imageurs Spectraux”, spectral imager-based payloads) to develop a new generation of multi-spectral infrared cameras for the remote sensing of gases. More info


Bertin collaborative projects have been selected under the European program H2020. Our projects encompass cybersecurity (Ecossian), the biological quality of water (Cytowater) and space (Altaïr micro-launcher).

The H2020 program sets out the 2020’s main objectives for Europe and seeks to encourage them. They fall within three main pillars: scientific excellence, industrial primacy and societal challenges. Bertin is perfectly in line with many of H2020's objectives.

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