7 December 2018

Systems and Instrumentation

Bertin is ready for the New Space market: discover the power of small satellites constellations


New Space is a promising market with high growth foreseen in the coming years. Unlike traditional large satellite missions requiring high investments, a new generation of satellites is about to colonize our orbit. Grouped into constellations ranging from a dozen to several thousands, these small satellites placed in low orbit offer unmatched opportunities for real-time earth observation.

These systems revolutionize the world of space at a lower cost for various applications such as territorial security, crops and domestic herds monitoring and rescue missions at sea. They also make it possible to respond to telecom issues by connecting the most remote regions of the world.

Bertin Technologies and its subsidiary Winlight are reinforcing their position on the New Space market, through their experience in the design and realization of optical & opto-mechanical systems for spatial projects. Combined with their capability to manufacture recurrent products in ISO 5 clean rooms, they are able to meet the requirements of New Space and become leaders in low cost space optical systems.

“New Space is a key market for Bertin. We want to provide recurrent and competitive optical instrumentation to large companies, allowing them to optimize their offer and win important contracts worldwide,” said Franck Fervel, Space & Big Science Business Line Director.

Bertin Technologies now works with key players in Europe for large optical constellations projects dedicated to Earth Observation; and its engineers stand ready for this new era in the Space market.

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