12 September 2019

Systems and Instrumentation

CNIM & Bertin will be attending the « Forum des Entreprises de Défense » (FED) on October 9th to 10th, 2019

CNIM and Bertin Technologies will present their respective defense-oriented product offer during the « Forum des Entreprises de Défense » (FED) 2019, at Satory (near Versailles, France), on Booth #E2 (Hall 1)

As major partners in the field of Defense and Security, CNIM & Bertin Technologies develop and provide turnkey advanced industrial equipment to address the modernization of the Armed Forces.

Bertin Technologies provides optronics solutions for surveillance of critical zones and products for CBRN threat detection and identification (Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear).

Bertin Instruments provides optronic devices – visible and infrared – for the protection and surveillance of high-risk hotspots and for the military market.


Bertin Instruments provides proprietary instrumentation and systems for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection and identification, especially designed to meet the requirements of armed and civil security forces.


CNIM provides robust and proven systems for the projection of land forces. They increase the tactical resources available for military and humanitarian missions.

The Motorized FLoating Bridge (PFM) solution dedicated to continuous or discontinuous crossing of wet gaps can be deployed as a continuous floating bridge or  an independent self-propelled ferry for the heaviest military vehicles.

CNIM recently developed new equipment for the PFM F2  to better meet both current and future needs of the Army, from 2019 onwards:

  • Remote control (reduction of manpower footprint)
  • Short ramp integrated on module (reduction of logistic footprint)

The Modular Assault Bridge (PTA) is a unique wet gap crossing solution for the heaviest vehicles.

Its key features:

  • Rapid horizontal deployment
  • Armored cab
  • High mechanical strength
  • Stabilizing legs

Since 2009, the Modular Assault Bridge has been commissioned into the French Army under the name SPRAT.