17 June 2019

Systems and Instrumentation

Confirmation of the no.1 conditional section for the production of the French Army’s radiation survey meter DOM420

On March 25, 2019, Bertin Technologies received the confirmation of the no.1 conditional section related to DORA (Détecteur Opérationnel de Radiation des Armées), the French Armed Forces’ radiation survey meter, concluded with the DGA Defense Procurement Agency.

Won in 2014, the DORA bid aims at supplying the French Armed Forces with comprehensive radiation monitoring packages, comprising the DOM420 – a survey meter- as well as probes measuring alpha, beta, gamma, X-Ray and wound radiation contaminations.  

Bertin Technologies will equip the French Army with 3 versions of the DOM420 survey meter – the standard, the nuclear safety and the medical one, especially designed to better meet the specific needs of each operational unit.

The confirmation of the no.1 conditional section refers to the production and industrialization of a first significant provision of those 3 versions, scheduled for early 2020. It is the result of the Technical and Operational Evaluation (TOEV) which took place in several units, last fall.

The DOM420 and its civilian variation the SaphyRAD MS, will be manufactured in Thiron-Gardais, in Eure-et-Loir (28), France, Bertin’s plant which is currently being modernized and reorganized to fulfil the requirements of its clients, in terms of production quality and deadlines.

Seen as a French success, this project is the result of research and development made by Bertin Technologies’ teams. It anchors the company, not only in the CBRN national landscape, but also provides it with numerous export perspectives.