19 October 2021

Systems and Instrumentation

Delivery of the PeSCa calibration test bench for the performance evaluation of the interferometer of IASI-NG instrument on-board MetOp-SG satellites

In 2020, Bertin Technologies delivered to Airbus Defense & Space a calibration test bench called PeSCa (Performance Spectral Calibration) whose aim is to assess the test performances of the interferometer (InterFeroMeter – IFM) and its assembly (InterFerometer Assembly – IFA). Both equipment are part of the IASI New Generation instrument, which is an infrared atmospheric sounding interferometer to be launched on-board MetOp Second Generation weather satellites. The MetOp-SG programme is developed by the European Space Agency (ESA), in collaboration with the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT).

IASI-NG will be able to measure temperature profiles and water vapor of the Earth’s atmosphere. Manufactured by the CNES in collaboration with EUMETSAT, IASI-NG will provide high-precision meteorological data to improve weather forecasts as well as air pollution and climate monitoring. In order to measure the temperatures profiles, the humidity and the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere, IASI-NG will employ infrared passive teledetection means.

Within the frame of this programme, Airbus Defense and Space* has selected Bertin Technologies for the design, development, manufacturing, delivery, on-site assembly and validation tests of the PeSCa Optical Ground Support Equipment (OGSE).

Aimed at assessing the performances of the IFA and IFM equipment, the PeSCa OGSE consists in two parts: a source assembly and a detection assembly.

The detection assembly’ main objective is to send back the light signal emitted by IFA to the flight detector thanks to a cooled opto-mechanical system precisely aligned.  

As for the assembly source, it is equipped with several light sources that can alternatively be selected and positioned to IFA entry in order to perform varied qualification tests on the IASI-NG instrument.

Bertin Technologies and its teams are proud to have been selected by Airbus Defense and Space for the supply of new equipment dedicated to the MetOp Second Generation satellites. Apart from the PeSCa OGSE, Bertin Technologies has already delivered to its customer 3 Wave Front Sensors called SWFS and 3 Optical Fiber Link systems named OFL, which is proof of Airbus Defense and Space’s trust in our multisectoral expertise at the service of space applications.

* Satellites’ prime contractor

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