26 July 2021

Systems and Instrumentation

Delivery of two susbsystems of the GESTA Optical Ground Support Equipment for the evaluation of the sounding satellites of Meteosat Third Generation

This Summer, Bertin Technologies has delivered to its partner AMOS two subsystems for integration into the GESTA OGSE, whose mission will be to evaluate the geometrical and spectral performances of Meteosat Third Generation’ sounding satellites (MTG-S).

The European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites EUMETSAT is currently developing the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) program, comprising 4 imaging (MTG-I) and 2 sounding satellites (MTG-S) to be in service until 2037.

The main objectives of MTG series is to deliver high-precision data to the international meteorological community and to improve both weather monitoring and forecasting with an advanced satellite imagery system.

As part of this program, Bertin Technologies has been selected by the Belgium company AMOS for the design and the supply of the source assembly and light source subsystems of the GESTA OGSE.

This OGSE called GESTA has thus been manufactured by both Bertin Technologies and AMOS. These test bench will be involved in the characterization, calibration and verification activities of the Infrared Sounder (IRS), to evaluate its geometrical and spectral performances before integration on the MTG-S satellite.

This high-performance Optical Ground Support Equipment will thus allow OHB* to conduct the following tests:

  • Energy level measurement and characterization;
  • Spectral and geometrical characterization;
  • Intra- and Inter-band co-registration measurements;
  • Spectral test;
  • Stray-light measurement and characterization;

Bertin Technologies has been working on EUMETSAT’s Meteosat meteorological programs for more than 20 years. A total of six OGSE has been designed and supplied by Bertin for imaging and sounding instruments, detection electronic assemblies, interferometers, spectrometers, etc. 

*The industrial prime contractor of MTG series is Thales Alenia Space, with OHB System AG as its partner. OHB System AG leads the overall development of the two Sounder satellites.

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