28 October 2019

Systems and Instrumentation

The expertise of Bertin in the detection of CBRN threats in the "Science fighting against terrorism" documentary broadcasted on Planète+

After the broadcasting of the 2nd part of the documentary series entitled “Science fighting against terrorism” produced by Bonne Pioche for Planète+ showing Bertin IT’s expertise in cybersecurity, it’s the turn of Bertin’s CBRN solutions to be highlighted.

On Oct. 30, starting from 8:55 PM, find out more about the systems & instruments of Bertin Technologies dedicated to the fight against biological & chemical threats in an exclusive television coverage dealing with the transformation of the Armed Forces who are now confronted to new mass destruction weapons that became the first internal security matter.

See Second Sight MS – gas cloud detector - & Coriolis – bio-air sampler for biological agents’ collection – as never before!