22 November 2017

Systems and Instrumentation

FusionSight digital Night Vision Device awarded at the Milipol Innovation Awards 2017

Launched by Bertin Technologies in 2016, FusionSight® has been designated as the winner of the first edition of the Milipol Innovation Award in the category: “Individual Equipment / first responder protection”.

Bertin Technologies, a CNIM Group company, awarded at Milipol Paris 2017 for its equipment FusionSight®. Developed in partnership with Photonis, FusionSight® is the world- first compact monocular that combines a colour low light sensor with a thermal image sensor.

fusionsight-milipol-award-pdemigne-coyright Bertin Technologies.jpg

Philippe Demigné, Chairman of  Bertin Technologies, commenting the award at Miilipol Paris

FusionSight®: night & day field vision enhancer

To win in close combat missions under increasing global terrorist threats, the ability to use the night as your ally has become a priority. Launched by Bertin Technologies at Eurosatory 2016, the FusionSight® is the industry’s first hand held device that combines colour low light and thermal image sensors, thereby drastically enhancing the detection, recognition and identification capability. The embedded real-time image processor automatically selects key information from each sensor, increasing the efficiency in the field during night operations, when facing hidden or camouflaged enemies. Even under limited visibility and low light conditions, the FusionSight® provides substantial visual support. The combined view of thermal and colour imaging is especially critical in urban environments or structures that provide little ambient light and have multiple barriers behind which a potential threat can conceal themselves. Project partner PHOTONIS provided their Kameleon Colour Image Sensor for the FusionSight®.

Milipol Innovation Awards 2017 

For its 20th session, Milipol Paris 2017 organized for the first time the MILIPOL INNOVATION AWARDS. This competition rewards the most innovative products, materials, services, solutions or business models related to the homeland security industry.

Awards were granted to the following categories:

  • Cybersecurity (fight against cyberthreats and cybercriminality solutions)
  • Safe and smart cities (Transportations & connected car security & safety, smart lightening, video surveillance, monitoring…)
  • Individual Equipment / first responder protection (materials, textiles, fabrics & accessories)
  • Drone & anti-drone systems, robotics
  • Crisis Management (emergency population warning systems, crisis management, command & control)

The jury responsible for selecting the winning companies, is composed of recognized experts in each of these categories.

We are very proud of this award, which highlights our teams’ commitment to develop and deliver innovative and user friendly optronic solutions tailored to civilian and military requirements, said Philippe Demigné, Chairman of Bertin Technologies.

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