6 December 2018

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New website for ENERBIRD



Bertin Energy Environment is expanding thanks to the active commitment of many collaborators.
Today, we are pleased to introduce the brand new ENERBIRD website. This project was driven by colleagues, who have devoted their efforts to offering all website users an enjoyable experience.

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The Smart Energy activity of Bertin Energie Environnement develops and markets ENERBIRD energy management solutions (EMS) and command control solutions for hybrid energy systems.

ENERBIRD guarantees optimal control by an innovative optimisation technology and real-time model-based control, integrating predictive data (production and load).

ENERBIRD is a modular and technologically agnostic solution, which makes it compatible with all types of equipment and enables it to address a variety of applications: optimal storage of renewable energies, hybridising diesel generators, grid services, power supply to isolated sites, charging electric vehicles or demand side management.

Key figures


Installations worldwide

51. 3

MWp of installed power

43. 5

MWh of batteries managed and supervised in real time