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Bertin is one of the Europe’s leading suppliers of high-autonomy GPS solutions with over 8,000 systems currently in operation and thanks to the expertise of Saphymo, and benefits from tried and tested know-how in on-board-to-ground communications systems for the railway industry. Bertin's capability spans on-board terminals, telecommunications systems and online supervision tools.

We are committed to providing relevant and reliable geolocation data, meeting safety requirements, increasing efficiency and enriching customer information.

We put our expertise at the service of your transport company by offering bespoke, durable and upgradeable solutions, ranging from onboard equipment to specific data supply.


Our GPS solutions cover 4 areas of use:

  • Dangerous goods transport (tankers)
  • Train energy consumption remote data collection
  • Rail transport (locomotives, isolated rail cars, etc.)
  • Combined transport (containers, semi-trailers, swap bodies, etc.)

Dangerous goods : for safe and efficient transport

The transport of certain dangerous petrochemical products requires the use of monitoring tools to improve risk management and provide customers with more exhaustive data, in particular in relation to international logistics flows.

A pioneer in ATEX solutions for railcars and tank containers, Saphymo has developed a turnkey, real-time dangerous goods monitoring solution adapted to risk environments, guaranteeing global visibility on routing from the production site to the customer delivery point.


Key assets :

  • Customized alert detection
  • ATEX Zone 1 certified GPS probe (up to 7 years autonomy)
  • Several hundred units deployed in Europe 
  • GPS equipment and supervision platform entirely designed by Saphymo
  • Highly flexible setup for tailored use

Energy metering Systems for Railways : for Controlled Energy Consumption

We offer railway operators, rolling stock manufacturers, and equipment suppliers and integrators tried-and-tested energy data collection, Track & Trace and transmission solutions, compliant with EN 50463 standards.

Our compact and highly customizable products are designed to meet the integration requirements of existing machine fleets as well as brand new equipment programs.

We also provides installation, remote diagnostic and maintenance tools to ensure the data handling system remains operational at all times. 


Key assets:

  • PTB-approved (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt)
  • SOCLE-compatible
  • ERESS-compatible 
  • Over 300 locomotives and high-speed trains already equipped 
  • Smaller than a lunchbox
  • Several configurations available, with optimized integration costs

Rail assets : on-board intelligence

An active player in the railway industry for the last decade thanks to the expertise of Saphymo, Bertin is now a reference manufacturer and supplier of high-autonomy GPS systems for railways.

From simple needs such as daily-updated positioning, to our more complex alert management system, our durable Track & Trace solutions detect and issue useful information in real time in the railway environment.

Loaders require global and reliable visibility on the international shipment of hazardous goods, while rail operators seek improved efficiency, reactivity and service quality.

We meet these needs by providing reliable transport information throughout Europe, without any ground-based infrastructures.


Key benefits:

  • GPS products certified to railway standards
  • Thousands of GPS probes deployed on locomotives and railcars
  • Quick setup
  • 2 to 7-year battery life 
  • Third generation products

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