Our main areas of activity

We help our customers in matching the right technological solutions to their needs, from research to the supply of equipment or solutions. To do this, we draw on the know-how of our various teams and our academic and industrial partners. These are organized into business units spread over four major activities.


Consulting and engineering

Our innovative consulting and engineering activity takes place at a very early stage of the innovation cycle. The goal is to imagine the solutions of tomorrow, but also to make innovation feasible through anticipation, the control of costs and risks, the control of the human factor, safety and the optimization of systems. This activity combines diverse and often rare expertise. It is organized into three business units:

  • Bertin Energy Environment: our consultants and engineers are involved from conception to implementation, in the service of energy transition, energy efficiency and the intelligent management of intermittent energies. This team works closely with the CNIM parent company, which is very active in the environmental sector. Learn more
  • Bertin modelling and scientific computing: an activity that specifically addresses the needs of space, transport, nuclear or renewable energy sectors. To do this, our teams develop innovative software solutions and use them to design breakthrough solutions. Learn more
  • Bertin ergonomics and human factor: an essential step in technological and industrial innovation, carried out by the Bertin ergonomics department, specializing in the ergonomics of complex systems and expert in risks related to the human factor. After having developed its skills for industries with high standards such as nuclear or defense, Bertin ergonomics has created its own research laboratory, UXLab, and becomes active in the service and B2C industries.
    Learn more in Bertin Ergonomy website (French only)



Systems and instrumentation

The development of high value-added systems, designed at the request of our customers, is a traditional Bertin Technologies activity represented by Bertin Systems brand. Lab equipment, sample preparation, optical sensors, infra-red, nuclear and radiological systems, cell culture automata, large scientific instruments, optical and mechanical qualification systems for space equipment, etc., each system requires a high skill level.

It is now complemented by a growing activity: the design, supply and maintenance of innovative instruments in small series. They are gathered under the brand name Bertin Instruments, launched in 2016, and cover the following sectors: defense and security, nuclear, safety, life sciences, environment and recycling.



 Information technology

Our Bertin IT subsidiary meets the needs of state agencies, organizations of vital interest and private companies. Bertin IT is an editor and integrator of advanced software solutions for cybersecurity, cyber intelligence, strategic intelligence and automatic speech processing.


Our various business units regularly collaborate on joint projects. For a better control of the cost-time-performance mix, they form tailor-made project teams in order to better serve our customers.

Our teams can also partner with those of our CNIM parent company to collaborate on large systems or projects including production, such as ITER, the MegaJoule Laser or the Motorized Floating Bridge.