Our main areas of activity

We help our customers in matching the right technological solutions to their needs, from research to the supply of equipment or solutions. To do this, we draw on the know-how of our various teams and our academic and industrial partners.



Systems and instrumentation

The development of high value-added systems and instruments, designed at the request of our customers, is a traditional Bertin Technologies activity. Lab equipment, sample preparation, optical sensors, infra-red, nuclear and radiological systems, cell culture automata, large scientific instruments, optical and mechanical qualification systems for space equipment, etc., each system requires a high skill level.

It is now complemented by a growing activity: the design, supply and maintenance of innovative instruments in small series. They are gathered under the brand name Bertin Instruments, launched in 2016, and cover the following sectors: defense and security, nuclear, safety, life sciences, environment and recycling. Our engineers and maintenance teams provide assistance over the entire life cycle of our products.