Vecsys supplies Customer Relationship technology solutions to Canal+

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Context & Challenges

Over the past few years, the Canal Plus group has been using semantic analysis and speech recognition software for all incoming calls. The objective is to improve the understanding of subscribers' expectations and thereby increase the effectiveness of its telephone platforms.

Today, Canal Plus generalizes this monitoring to all of its Customer Relationship channels, in particular, the telephone, a source of contact privileged by its customers. Thanks to a better knowledge of contact patterns, the first pay TV channel in France can identify areas of improvement (irritants, penalizing demands, etc.) and react very quickly to new signals.

The Group's solutions

Thanks to MediaSpeech®, the voice transcription engine developed by Bertin IT through its Vecsys brand, the dashboards of Canal Plus have been enriched with semantic signals - weak or emerging - coming from telephone conversations and not just from written channels.

This allows the upload of key indicators such as the distribution of calling patterns, the issuance of alerts in the event of anomalies, as well as providing insights into the customer experience expressed via this channel. The audiovisual group managed to automate low value-added tasks with a minimal error rate and to improve the performance of its telephone centers.

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